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Vedic Yagya InternationalTM LLP

We are one of the most dominant yagya suppliers with customers from all over the world: Australia, USA, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay, Brasilia, Chile, Argentina, Guatemala, Venezuela, Curacao, Aruba, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Ukraine, Russia, England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Norway, Finland, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Montenegro, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Kazakhstan, Israel, Qatar, Tunisia, Egypt, South Africa, Zambia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Kenya, Ghana, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Fiji Islands, Mauritius.

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We welcome our guests in an international milieu in our office. Meet with our pandits, and have your own yagya performance in yagya temple.

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Yagya Categories

We have created several yagya categories, in which we have collected many vedic yagya types. We divided life into different aspects and we tried to cover all the possible fields of life with supporting yagyas. First we suggest to have the planetary yagyas according to the need of your present planetary period. It is better to create the best possible circumstances with planetary yagyas and then to cover other aspects or desires with other types of yagyas. We offer you a free yagya recommendation in which we send you all the details which gives you the chance to balance all the aspects of your life. Please visit our vedic yagya webshop to have more information about the specific yagyas.

Divine Yagyas
Spiritual Yagyas
Health Yagyas
Removing Obstacles and Protection Yagyas
All Day Yagyas
Mental Yagyas
Planetary Yagyas
Celebration and Special Occassion Yagyas
Wealth and Properties Yagyas
Business Work and Study Yagyas
Fame and Skills Yagyas
Relationship and Love Yagyas
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To help your decision to start with us we have collected for you the most popular services and yagya types in this block based on our more than 13 years' of expeience. We recommend you to start with a free yagya recommendation. After that you will have time to choose to order if you like, there will be no pressure nor any push from our side, you are free to decide.


We send you free of charge a personal short present planetary analysis with yagya recommendation.


For a prosperous, happy, healthy year and removing obstacles. It is recommended to perform every year on your birthday.


To create a favorable situation in your life with auspicious effects and without harmful ones. 


General analysis, reading about present and next periods and transits, yagya and gem recommendations.


This yagya is for businessmen to grow in business and to gain more clients.


For wealth, health, happiness and for fulfilment of material desires.


To facilitate the spiritual evolution and help to reach the final goal of life.


This yagya is for happy and long-lasting married life or other relationship, full of harmony, contentment and peace.


Choose this yagya to prevent unwanted health issues.

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Our Clients Say
  • 'Dear Pt.Umesh, Vedic Yagya Team and all  Vedic Yagya Pandits,
    Many Heart felt Thanks!
    After received already my fourth Year Ahead Report, feel so greatful and privileged to be part of what You offer through the very good Services of Yours. And again and again to have the possibility to experience the profound effect these Yagyas has.'

    T.J . - Norway
  • 'These yagya performances are very pure and increase the expansion of personal consciousness for the donor, as well as bring peace, endurance and comfort in one's daily life.  It is truly priceless, as the pundits are speaking from their own very high and deep awareness, and the recitation is done in the best spirit possible to expand one's happiness.  I feel very fortunate for the opportunity to donate here.'

    K.M. - USA
  • 'It was one of the best decisions of my life to contact Vedic Yagya. I was impressed by the communication from the first time, than the yagya was unbelievable soft and effective at the same time. During the yagya I got rid of a sort of pressure, than few days after the yagya the predicted effect has arrived. I am sure I will contact you in the future also.'

    J. D. - Greece
  • 'This new website is extremely alluring, I felt some kind of urge to try out the offered services. The good result of my yagya shows the purity of the services of Pt. Umesh and his Vedic Yagya Team. Thank you, and I am waiting for my next yagya.'

    P. T. - Italy
  • 'Thank you for the opportunity for visiting yagya center, and for having personal yagya in temple. Participating in my own yagya was far more wonderful that I have ever expected. I would like to thank you for your hospitality, and for the professional performance of the pandits. After the spiritual enlightenment yagya I had realized that my self-identification with limited consciousness is no more valid, and I realized myself as unlimited cosmic consciousness.'

    O.M. - Hungary
  • 'From the beginning I was impressed with the high level of customer service. The team is prompt and efficient and approachable although it's online and in a different time zone. The recommendation provided some solid details and Pundit Umesh was patient in answering questions I had. Based on his clarification I decided to go ahead with my first planetary yagya.  There was no pressure and I appreciated that. I don't have a lot of available finances but I felt secure with the readings and the fact that I got to listen to the first few minutes of the yagya.'  

    N.M. - Trinidad and Tobago