About Yagya

Meaning and definition of Vedic Yagya (Yajna, Yagna) process or ceremony

Vedic yagyas (other name yajna, yagna) are performed to create positive effects and avoid unwanted effects in the different areas of life of individuals and nations and to have the best possible nature support. Many people use the yagna or yajna words instead of yagya, the meaning of it is the same. We use the vedic word because yagyas are based on the knowledge of the ancient saints of vedic tradition. Vedic yagyas are done by specially trained vedic pandits (pundits), who are the experts of vedic ceremonies, performances, and who live their lives' according to the rules of vedic tradition. Yagnas, yajnas are performed through the recitation of sound or vedic mantras to reach certain of result. This is vedic music, vedic vibration. It is possible to use them as prevention but it is also possible to use them for promoting the different areas of life. The benefits of the yagya rigning are the vedic health, wealth, harmony and evolution. Our head pandit is the expert of jyotish, that vedic science which can be used to predict the life events of the individuals and which can be the well-grounded base of suggesting the necessary yagya services for a balanced life.


Asking Free Yagya Recommendation

We suggest you to ask a free yagya recommendation before your yagya order. Free yagya recommendations are done by Pt. Umesh Sharma, who is a jyotish achariya and an expert of vedic astrology.  

In a free yagya recommendation you will receive information about the present planetary influences in your present life period, and you will also receive yagya suggestion to balance negative effects and to enhance positive ones in that period.  

Click here to ask free yagya recommendation now.

Decision to order yagyas from our vedic yagya webshop

Ordering from us is completely safe. 

1. You receive free yagya recommendation if you like, you have time to decide or you have time to check it.

2. We organize to you a completely individual yagya, we never involve other customers to an individual yagya performance.

3. We give you a phone call at the start of the performance, when you can listen a few minutes chanting.

4. After phone call we continue your yagya performance, we organize it from the start to the end according to the rules of vedic literature.

5. We issue a yagya certificate at the end of your yagya.

6. The effect is maximum because of the strict rules of our organization and the purity of pandits and organizers. 

7. We just work with trained pandits graduated at the Maharishi Ved Vigyan University.

8. All of us do regular TM and Sidhi program.

9. We pay taxes in India after all incoming payments (bank transfer, PayPal, Bank Card or Western Union).

10. We always fulfil what you have ordered from us.



Choosing amongst the 'A' or 'B' or 'C' or 'High grade' yagya categories

In our vedic yagya webshop you can choose 'A' or 'B' or 'C' or 'High grade' category yagyas. If you would like to have the maximum effect, please choose 'A' category, which means full yagya ceremony. We have added the category 'B' and 'C' medium and low budget yagyas to those who can't afford to pay for the 'A' category. Medium and low category yagyas mean yagyas with reduced number of mantras. 

Vedic literature states very clearly the required number of mantras to chant at every types of vedic yagyas. In case of a sun planetary yagya seven thousand plus ten percent is recommended, in this way in case of an 'A' category sun planetary yagya pandits perform yagya while this number is reached, in case of a 'B' category yagya pandits chant the sixty five percent of it and in case of a 'C' category yagya pandits reduce more the number of the mantras. 

As there are smaller and longer vedic mantras, the length of a yagya performance depends on the types of mantras and the speed of the chanting. One pandit can chant the required number of mantras in case of a sun planetary yagya in about 6 hours, but of course this varies in case of different types of yagyas. We usually work with 5 to 9 pandits depends on the yagya category and types, but there are yagyas for which we add 11 pandits. 

A 'High grade' category also has been included at some of the yagya types, with two times more (125000+10%) mantras. Those people should choose this category, who would like to avoid huge unwanted effects/events. We perform every day Rudrabhishek yagya also during all the specific high grade yagyas. In this way it is more easier to reach the desired result. 


How long of the effect of a vedic yagya lasts?

Many people would like to have concrete idea about how long the effect of a yagya lasts. Generally we can say that the effect of a yagya depends on the perfectly chosen yagya type and category, on the purity of the performance, on the planetary influences / karma of the people, on the properly chosen date of the performance, on the faith and spirituality of the receiver and on keeping the yagya rules.

If you ask a free yagya recommendation from us, we help you to choose the proper yagya type and category. Our team always keeps the maximum purity of the vedic performances. In our age the karma of the people is not so pure, which is reflected in the place and circumstances the people born, so it is reflected in the effect of the yagya. We always suggest the right date of the performance. The faith and keeping the yagya rules depends on you.

Generally we say that in normal circumstances the effect of a yagya can last for a year. The effect is always there, however in some cases, like in some special remedial cases we suggest not to order the yagya if we see that the effect will not be strong enough to solve the problem. 



Yagya rules

We have collected to you some yagya rules which are the best to keep for the best possible effect of the yagya performances. During yagyas you can feel extra tiredness.

1. Have a lot of rest during your yagya performance.

2. Try to calm down your body and mind, meditate.

3.Avoid busy days, heavy works, stressful situations.

4. Keep light diet, avoid heavy foods. If you are familiar with, it is better to take vegetarian food.

5. Do not drink alcohol, do not have any drugs.

6. Try to not organize long travellings on these days.

7. Read vedic literature instead of watching stressful films full of violation.

8. Try to hold or moderate sexual life.



Suggestions for considering more yagya procedures

If you are not familiar with the yagyas we suggest you to try out one for start. It is best to ask a free yagya recommendation from us, in which we suggest you the one to start with. It is better to order one which you can afford easily. If the yagya order causes monetary stresses, we do not recommend to order it.

If you are familiar with the yagyas, and you are satisfied with them, we suggest you to ask from us yagya recommendation time by time. It is the best to ask yagya recommendation at every planetary changes and transits to avoid unwanted effects and to facilitate the positive ones. Sometimes we suggest to repeat the same type of yagya when the planetary period is adverse, but we always recommend you the best yagya for balancing your life.

There is also possibility to order daily yagya for each days. Yearly yagyas can completely transform your life to perfectly evolutionary. We have customers who have chosen this option, however we only recommend this option to those who can easily afford it. There is a saying in which it is mentioned that this is a kingly science, slightly suggesting us to order that type which we can easily afford.