Next yagya suggestion is the 7th of October until 15th of October 2021

Mother Divine

For spiritual development, peace, contentment in work, good luck and prosperity in business and study, for special wishes.

From the 7th of October to the 15th of October 2021

We perform Mother Divine yagya for nine days. In the first three days we invoke Durga, which destroys our faults, limitations and sins. The next three days are dedicated to Lakshmi who bestows us with health and wealth, than on the last three days we enliven Saraswati who ensures us success and knowledge in life.

Maha Durga represents the base state, in which the whole creation finds peace, she represents wholeness. If the wholeness is not enliven in our life, than the different aspects of life are not in tune with each other and with the intelligences of the nature. When the wholeness enlivens in us our acts become more efficient. Durga represents the establishment in pure consciousness, which gives you freedom from bondage. The consciousness becomes unbounded, and becomes free from the limitations. In our personal experience we feel her as the wholeness of our heart and the unboundedness of our mind.

Maha Lakshmi is the aggregation of the controlling intelligences of the creation, which are responsible for the success and wealth in all areas of life, spiritual, mental and material. With enlivening these intelligences in our life, we experience success, happiness and wealth.

Maha Saraswati pervades the intelligence of all creatures, she embodies as the all-pervading consciousness. She pervades all aspects of knowledge. Enlivening her in our life, we can reach pure knowledge and enlightenment. Moreover she is responsible for the success in music, art and study.

We are organizing yagya on this occasion. You can also avail the benefit of this occasion yagya for the welfare, wealth and happiness of yourself and your family. It is good for spiritual development, peace, contentment in work, good luck and prosperity in business and study. Is is also good for special wishes.

The yagya with 7 pandits for 9 days for this occasion costs 803 USD. 

Jai Guru Dev