Next yagya suggestion is the 24th of July 2021

Guru Purnima

To gain absolutely pure knowledge, inner peace, happiness and spiritual enlightenment

24th July 2021

On this day, disciples worship or pay respect to their Guru (or Spiritual Guide). Vedic scriptures show the importance of Guru in one’s life. It is said that without the Guru, it is not possible for a human to attain complete completion of life.

Since ancient days, it has been made customary to offer puja to the Guru once in a year. It reduces the darkness from our heart if we pray for Guru on guru Purnima. Guru brings enlightenment and light in our life and can change it from dark to light.

Literal meaning of “Gu” is darkness and “Ru” stands for destroying darkness. Therefore it is very rightly said that Guru is Brahma, Guru is Vishnu, and Guru is Maheshwara, he is like God for us. Guru gives us an opportunity to follow the path of peace and Sadhna (Spirituality) and to know about God.

The yagya is performed with 7 pandits for one day for 323 USD and is good for:

•    Inner peace

•    Happiness

•    Spiritual enlightenment

•    Gaining absolutely pure knowledge

•    Peace of mind

The yagya with 7 pandits for this day costs 323 USD. 

Jai Guru Dev