Wealth and Properties Yagyas

Maha Laxmi Yagya

Welcome the grace of Goddess of wealth, luxury, and fortune in your personal and professional life. With Maha Lakshmi Yagya, you can clear obstacles on your path of prosperity and lead a very contented life. Goddess Lakshmi is the bestowed of many hidden qualities too including refined thinking, good health, and valour.

According to Vedic scriptures, Maha Lakshmi Yagya can bless you with prosperity, can remove the elements that drain energy from your life, can bring more unity in home.


Yagya for Finding a good Land

This yagya is for finding a land where you always feel yourself comfortable. If the position and location of the land is proper it will cause harmony in your life, if not it will cause disharmony.


Yagya for Finding a good House

Your house is your outer covering. If it is built according to Natural Laws its effect is positive to all of the aspects of life. If the house is not well positioned, and not built according to Natural Laws it can cause many negative effects, quarrels, burglary, illness, etc... Find the best house to live in harmony with the help of this yagya.


Yagya for Facilitating the quick Selling of a Property

With this yagya a deal of selling of any property is matured.


Kanak Dhara Strotam Yagya

Adi Shankar remains one of the greatest saints to have ever born. He gave the world Kanak Dhara Strotam, which when recited, read, or heard can alleviate scarcity of every materialistic thing from your life. Together with the key features of Shanti path, sankalp, ganesh navgrah kalash and navgrah pooja, the whole ceremony can bring a pure and sustaining environment to your home.

According to Vedic scriptures, Kanak Dhara Strotam Yagya can be more useful for those who are facing some financial crisis and need an immediate solution, who want to fill home with the vibrations of calm and happiness. This yagya can also bring more unity in home.


Yagya for Facilitating the quick Purchasing of a Property

With this yagya a deal of buying of any property is matured.


Yagya for Constructing new House

With this yagya a brand new house is constructed without obstacles.


Moving into New Home Yagya

This yagya is recommended for those who would like to move into new house without obstacles, and who would like to have a blessed life in the new home. 


Vastu Pooja (Laying Foundation Stone)

Before the construction of the house an auspicious moment for beginning of the foundation.


Special request yagya inquiry

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